Running The Mobile Bar

There are many ways on which our mobile bars can be run at your wedding or event depending on your budget and requirements.

SJW Events & Bars offer a complete bespoke mobile bar hire service, taking a flexible approach to how this should be done. The ultimate decision rests with you, however using our expert knowledge and vast experience we are happy to guide you and assist with the decision making.

To get you started, we have provided high level overviews of the most popular ways in which are bars are run at weddings and events.

Corporate Event Finding

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The Free Bar

A 'free bar' means that you simply pay for your guest’s drinks.  We are happy to collaborate with you to ensure this service fits in with your budget and ideas for your event.

A popular way to control the expenditure is to limit some of the offerings available, for example you may wish to exclude high end spirits.

Once your budget has been spent, your guests can carry on drinking with a cash bar. Or of course can top up and the free bar carries on!

Using our excellent app and tablet, we can easily provide you with updates as to how much is being put on your tab throughout the event, enabling you to remain in complete control.

The Cash Bar

A 'cash bar' works very much like a regular pub where your guests pay for their own drinks at the bar.  We can accept payment via cash and credit/debit cards (phone signal/internet availability required).

You also have the flexibility to place money behind the bar at any time during your event, if you want to treat your guests for a while —all drinks would be run through your tab via our app, so we can easily provide you with updates.

Portable Prosecco Bar Hire
All inclusive bar hire

All Inclusive Package

This one is always a little risky for us!

Depending on the number of guests, we can create a package so that your guests can enjoy unlimited drinks during the event for a fixed price.  The package can be tailored to fit in with your budget and types of drinks that you would like available.

For weddings, we have a number of special wedding packages to cater for each part of your special day from the arrival drink through to dinner and finally the toast.


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