Mobile Wedding Bar Hire

Which mobile wedding bar?

Firstly, congratulations!  We are sure that you are absolutely thrilled to be getting married or entering into a civil partnership and cannot wait until your special day.  For many, planning the wedding is as exciting and enjoyable as the day itself…. So have fun and don’t stress!

You may or may not have a venue in mind yet.  If not, we would be delighted to assist you, please learn about our wedding venue finding service.

Key considerations for any wedding is the look and operation of the wedding mobile bar.  Simply, besides the wedding ceremony itself, to have an amazing wedding you need:

  1. A splendid looking mobile bar, in keeping with your wedding theme and venue
  2. Professional, polite and efficient bar staff
  3. Lots of drinks served chilled, including your and your guests’ favourites
  4. A licence from your local council so that alcohol can be served legally across the wedding bar
  5. Top quality music, i.e. a band or DJ
  6. Wonderful food in keeping with your venue and wedding theme
  7. Friends, family and loved ones willing to have a great time and make your special day one to remember

Here at SJW Events & Bars, you will be pleased to hear that we can gladly assist with 1 to 6 of the above!  We will focus on 1 to 4 for now though.

Wedding Bar Hire
Wedding Mobile Bar Hire

Have you viewed our mobile bars?

1. Our wedding mobile bars

We have two beautiful bars available for hire at your wedding, either individually or together. Both look amazing in a variety of venues. We have provided wedding bars at venues such as:

  • Stately homes
  • Castles
  • Village Halls
  • Train Stations
  • Fields
  • Landscape gardens
  • Within all kinds of wedding marquees
  • Tipis
Wedding Bar Hire Sussex
Wedding Bar Hire Kent

Our rustic hand-crafted rustic wedding bar

8ft in length and made to our specifications by a local Sussex carpenter using only reclaimed wood, this mobile bar looks stunning when dressed for a wedding!  This mobile bar is available to hire at all weddings and civil partner ceremonies. We will work with you to discuss what types of drinks you would like to be served across the bar.  For example, you may want:

  • Chilled draught lager on tap
  • Real cask ale
  • Bottle or can beers
  • Cider
  • Fruit drinks
  • Pimm’s!
  • An assortment of spirits (for example gin, vodka, rum, single malt whisky)
  • Red and white wine
  • Prosecco or champagne

Whatever your requirements, we do our upmost to make it happen.

Mobile wedding bar hire

Tempted to add a second bar?

Why not create the 'wow' factor by having two bars?  Perhaps a seperate prosecco or gin bar?

Our rustic vintage barrel bar

This was our first bar and remains a firm favourite with many of clients and their guests. It compliments any wedding, but particularly if you are dreaming of a rustic or vintage theme or look to your wedding.

The vintage barrel bar can be hired for your wedding with either two or three barrels, adding to the versatility.

This mobile bar also serves as an excellent mobile gin bar or perhaps a mobile prosecco bar.  Working as a secondary bar, complimenting the larger rustic bar gives a whole different dimension to your bar offering at your wedding and is sure to give it the ‘wow’ factor!

Wedding Bar Hire Surrey
Wedding Mobile Bar Hire Sussex

2. Our Mobile Bar Staff

When most people think of wedding bar hire, they usually just think of the physical mobile bar and the drinks.  Whilst these are two very important considerations, the bar staff accompanying the wedding bar can make all the difference.

The team at SJW Events & Bars are first class!

Not only are the bar staff experienced and trained.  They are professional, friendly and most importantly of all, they want to be working at your wedding!  All our staff work behind our mobile bars at weddings and events, because they want to, not because it’s ‘just a job’.  Most of our team have other job jobs, some working in the financial and professional service sectors in the City, others at local pubs and restaurants etc.

Although our team is diverse, we all love working behind the bar at weddings and events!

Ready to find out more?

We would love to hear all about your special day.  Get in touch!

3. Drinks served chilled and the choice is yours

Our wedding bar hire packages include everything needed to operate a professional mobile bar service for you and your wedding guests.  We will provide cooling for the drinks. Depending on the venue and guest numbers, this might be an abundance of ice in tubs or industry specification bottle coolers (fridges).

Regarding what we sell across the mobile wedding bar, you are welcome to have as much or as little involvement as you wish.

Naturally, we operate mobile bars at many weddings and events each year, resulting in strong relationships with our network of local and wholesale suppliers.  We can most likely source your favourite drinks and have these available for you and your guests.

A great example of leveraging our network was the procurement of a low volume produced New Zealand sparkling wine as a surprise for the Kiwi bride!  It took a few calls, but we successfully imported a few cases directly from New Zealand.  The groom did well with that one and started the marriage with a few bonus points!

Wedding Mobile Bar Hire Kent
Wedding Mobile Bar Hire Surrey

Interested in a wedding drinks package?

4. Applying for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN)

If your venue does not already have a Premises Licence, a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) will need to be applied for and approved.

As Personal Licence Holders, we are permitted to apply for these on your behalf and once approved, legally sell alcohol across the bar at your wedding of civil ceremony.

We should aim to apply for the TEN in good time and will need some basic information about your venue and wedding.  The latest we can apply is ten days before the wedding, however we recommend that the application is submitted earlier if possible.

Generally, there are no issues with the application or approval, and we will happily submit the application within the wedding bar hire agreement.  Depending on the total fees agreed (if any), we may ask you to pay the fee to the local council, which is usually £21.

Wedding Mobile Bar Hire Kent

What is included with the Wedding Mobile Bar Hire?

As every wedding and civil ceremony is unique, so is the wedding bar hire service that we provide. We will work with you every step of the way until we fully understand the finer details planned for your special day. Although each wedding bar is bespoke to you, generally the following will be included with the wedding bar hire:

  • The mobile bar or bars of your choice
  • A minimum of two bar staff
  • Drinks cooling
  • A selection of drinks for sale or distribution across the bar (if provided by you for example)
  • All garnishes for the drinks
  • All cellar and bar equipment
  • Ice for the drinks
  • Single use glasses (glass hire available)
  • Card payment machine (good mobile phone signal or wifi required)
  • Removal of all rubbish or disposing in bins provided

Running your wedding bar

There are several options as to how your bar can operate during your wedding. Which option is most suitable for you will largely depend on your budget and whether you wish for your guests to pay for all or some of their drinks.

The most typical options for running a bar at a wedding include:

  • The Free Bar

Simply, you pay for all your guests’ drinks, usually by putting money behind the bar

  • The Cash Bar

This works like a regular pub.  Your guests pay for their own drinks at the time of ordering the drinks.  We accept card payments too!

  • All Inclusive Package

We create tailored drinks packages depending on your budget, the types of drinks you would like to be included, duration of the event, guest numbers etc.

A combination of the Free Bar and Cash Bar is by far the most popular choice for many.  This allows you or a family member for example to put some money behind the bar for your guests, once it’s used up you can either top up or ask your guests to pay for their own drinks going forward.

Where do we provide wedding bar hire?

Here at SJW Events & Bars we are happy to provide our mobile wedding bars for hire across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.  The distance from our bases in East Grinstead and Seaford will be considered when deciding on any costs associated with the mobile bar hire. Any costs will be communicated to you.

Wedding Bar Hire West Sussex

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